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Day 9: myWebAR

I've followed the WebXR movement because I believe there are so many benefits to exploring immersive technology through a device browser instead of individual apps. I initially learned of myWebAR from the founding company, DEVAR. The DEVAR company creates many immersive technology projects including interactive books, AR toys, and learning environments.

When I learned of the creation studio at, I was already sold! When I learned that this creation studio didn't require an app to view the experience, I was all in. The platform allows the user to layer AR on top of a QR code, trigger image, or placed on the floor.

"MyWebAR doesn't require an app to populate the experience; rather it uses the browser (WebXR) on the device to create the augmented reality." page 63 of The Immersive Classroom


EASTER EGG ALERT! This image is in the book, but you can only view it in augmented reality by going to on your mobile device first. Be inspired to create your own stories using the Face Replaced app. View this experience created by my daughter, Hannah. This AR experience was created using the platform.

Watch this artificial intelligent enabled video (created in the MyHeritage app) come to life using The image was 1 of only a few available to my mom since her father passed away when she was a toddler. She has never seen her father in this way before.

Steps to Get Started:

1. Go to and create an account

2. Select "Add New Project" and select the AR experience (on top of a QR code, trigger image, or placed in the world). The free option is the QR code.

3. Layer items for the AR scene including 3D objects from the library, upload your own 3D objects, photos, or videos.

4. Publish the AR scene and share the QR code or link for others to experience your AR project.

Continue to follow the #31DaysofARVRinEDU this month as we explore immersive resources.

Thanks to ISTE, we are giving away 10 signed copies of The Immersive Classroom. Post how these tools can be used in the classroom on social media using #31DaysofARVRinEDU and WIN! Two weekly winners will be selected.


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