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disruptED - Day 1 #31DaysofARVRinEDU

disruptED Books

I’m thrilled to begin the #31DaysofARVRinEDU event! Each day in March will include an augmented (AR), or virtual reality (VR) resource to bring into the classroom.

After hearing from attendees at EdTech conferences these past few months, early elementary AR/VR resources are difficult to find. The tools often require students to read and type to participate in the immersive experience. In addition, the curriculum may not be relevant for early elementary classrooms, therefore making it difficult to impact student learning.

When I was first exposed to disruptED, I was touring the vendor hall at MASSCUE in Boston. The visuals easily attracted my attention as it would our younger students in the classroom. The monster/animal theme is fun, friendly and interesting. The characters connect with our young learners, and the way these characters come to life is even more intriguing.

disruptED Starter Kit

The books in the pack currently include Shape Up Pup, A-B-C-D Eat and Monsters Opposite. In the starter kit, the learner will have access to the app, books, activity books and a VR cardboard headset. The activities support the learning while the immersive technology deepens the understanding of the content in a relatable format.

When scanning the pages in the book within the app, students will see the pages come to life using augmented reality. Touch the letters on your screen to see each one explained both visually and audibly. Each book brings a different focus to life in augmented reality, and the supporting activity book gives the students another opportunity to understand the concepts.

If you’re interested in downloading a sheet to try out in your classroom, sign up here and select "Contact Us" at the bottom.

disruptED sign up sheet example

Don’t forget to select “I Want a Sample Sheet” when submitting your request.

disruptED sign up sheet

Learn more about disruptED at


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