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Upcoming #ARVRinEDU Events

I'm thrilled to invite you to upcoming #ARVRinEDU events! From webinars to Twitter chat to live events, the learning never ends.

Next week, I will participate in the School Library Journal webinar titled, "Robotics, Maker Spaces, and Mixed Reality, Oh, My! Register now to get inspired with many new resources.

Join me at the launch of my new book, Learning Transported. The event will take place at Washington Leadership Academy Public Charter School in Washington, DC on April 25. Register now to join the event in person. Purchase your copy of Learning Transported.

Don't miss the next #ARVRinEDU chat on Storytelling this Wednesday. You'll definitely bring back tools for your classroom in this exploratory chat.

Looking for Professional Development on #ARVRinEDU? I provide foundational, practical training for districts and conferences to bring immersive technology into the classroom. Reach out for more information.


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