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Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My! Google AR

Google AR Tiger

Google has released something special with augmented reality (AR). In your browser, you now have the option to display certain items in AR such as lions or tigers or bears.

What does this mean?

We've seen animals in augmented reality in various apps, and while it's quite amazing, there is something more magical about this release. In my opinion, browser-based AR and VR is the future of immersive technology.


Google is going in the right direction with browser-based AR, but as of now, it's limited to ARKit and ARCore compatible devices. I always encourage districts to purchase devices that are compatible with the latest AR experiences; however, for those classrooms that are limited with older technology, we don't have this option yet.

How does this work?

Begin by opening your browser. I was able to use Safari and Chrome on my iPhone to view the animals in 3D. Search for a tiger and scroll down a bit to see the option to view the tiger in 3D.

Google AR Tiger Search

View the object in 3D and in AR.

Google AR Tiger in 3D

It's easy to get started.

Share what you find and create using #ARVRinEDU on social media and tag me @jaimedonally!


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