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Merge Cube Resources

Did you know that Merge released their Cube in stores today?

Take notice that MergeVR is taking Augmented and Virtual Reality to the playground with fun, interactive games. Our chat will spotlight some fun ways to "play" with the Cube in #ARVRinEDU this evening.

One of the things I enjoy most about the Merge Cube is the option to become a developer and create your own experiences. As our students begin to think about job skills, the growth in Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality technologies highlight the need for coding skills.

Some of the things to keep an eye on is their new Moonshot Controller that is going to be released in the near future, their amazing viewer (AR, VR & MR), and the new Cube apps being released.

Looking at some of the demo apps, I was blown away with the option to view a skull, play music, view a mini world and more all in the palm of my hand. We finally have Merge VR in the App Store with new games! Check out some of them below. Get access to more Merge Cube apps at Miniverse.


Galactic Explorer for Merge Cube​ ($$)


Mr. Body for Merge Cube​


TH!NGS for Merge Cube​


Dig! for Merge Cube​


Get access to more Merge Cube apps at Miniverse.


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