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STEAMverse Day 1 - VXRLabs Biology

Welcome to the start of the ARVRinEDU Advent Calendar 2022! Our special focus this year is on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math). These mini blogs will spotlight an immersive resource that can be easily implemented into the curriculum.

VXRLabs Biology (SCIENCE, VR)

The VictoryXR team continues to release incredible immersive experiences for individuals and classrooms. One app that caught my attention is the VXRLabs Biology app for the Meta Quest, Meta Quest 2, and the Meta Quest Pro. The application brings synchronous learning through a virtual reality lab to explore human anatomy and physiology.

The learning ranges from basic to advanced, giving access to many students. Teachers can invite other students to join the lab by sharing a 4-letter code. The students can participate in activities, lessons, video instructions, and more. Through various activities, students can engage with content through games and interactions. One activity uses cards to match the visual representation of an organ with the correct term. If your students get stuck, they can place the organ in the analysis cube to gather more details. Play games like ball toss, but rather than tossing a ball, you toss an organ. Every time you land the toss, you’ll obtain new facts about the organ's function in the human body. Test your knowledge by placing the organ into the human body correctly. These interactions will certainly provide fun learning for the students, and they won’t soon forget the lab experience.

The best part of the VXRLabs Biology app is it’s FREE. If you don’t have access to a Meta Quest, check out the VictoryXR web-based dissection experiences here.

Steps to get started

1. Download the app in the Meta Quest by searching for VXRLabs. The app is found here.

2. Open the app and create a lab and give it a 4-letter code.

3. Invite students to join the lab or enter the lab independently.

4. Explore the lab and have a blast!


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