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STEAMverse Day 24 - DrawmaticAR

Welcome to the ARVRinEDU Advent Calendar 2022! Our special focus this year is on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math). These mini blogs will spotlight an immersive resource that can be easily implemented into the curriculum.

DrawmaticAR (ART, AR)

DrawmaticAR is an innovative tool that turns writing into augmented reality using artificial intelligence. Create ARt with your words! It allows students to take written words and turn them into unique visuals, giving them an eye-catching way to express themselves. The possibilities are virtually endless.

DrawmaticAR is quite easy to use. The student enters the text they want to use and then watch the augmented reality magic happen. Use DrawmaticAR for writing prompts or warm-ups for a creative writing project. Engage those reluctant writers by magically making their words come to life in augmented reality.

Aside from the words turning into animated augmented reality, the text is read aloud so the students can hear their sentences. If there are misspelled words or the written text has poor penmanship, the students will be informed. View the text in 5 other languages (French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Japanese)!

Steps to get started

1. Download the DrawmaticAR app ($4.99)

2. Print out the DrawmaticAR Marker Paper

3. Students write in the designated area

4. Scan the page and select the button and be WOWED


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