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StoryUp - Day 25 of #31DaysofARVRinEDU

StoryUp app showing the Amazon people #31DaysofARVRinEDU

I’m thrilled to provide the #31DaysofARVRinEDU event! Each day in March will include an augmented (AR) or virtual reality (VR) resource to bring into the classroom.

There are AR/VR apps that focus on the curriculum and experiences, and then there are apps that provide a deeper connection with our students as it speaks to their social-emotional state and empathy. I originally ran across StoryUp (iOS and Android and Oculus Go) in my search for VR storytelling, but I've found the app to be so much more than just stories.

Have you wondered what crazy person would write a blog every day for a month? Me too! While some days have been more stressful than others, pushing myself to complete this task has been worthwhile. I have more content to share, and I hope it's motivated you to jump into more AR/VR resources for your classroom.

One of the first VR experiences in the StoryUp app that was most beneficial for me in this season is focused explicitly on being mindful. I believe my friend Caitlin Krause would enjoy this (you'll want to follow her if you don't already). The ocean surprisingly made me more relaxed, and I noticed I was breathing slower. I love being at the beach and that VR scene was so serene amid a crazy schedule.

StoryUp app showing a classroom without power #31DaysofARVRinEDU

The next part of the app tugs at the emotions of the viewer as it shows the stories around the world. From people living without electricity to life without mobility to the stories of poachers, the StoryUp app overwhelms the heart with empathy. There is no doubt that our classrooms can use more empathy!


What AR/VR resource from this event has been the most beneficial for your classroom? Share on social media using #31DaysofARVRinEDU and don't forget to tag me.


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