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Thyng - Day 22 of #31DaysofARVRinEDU

Thyng App showing the White House and the Eiffel Tower #31DaysofARVRinEDU

I’m thrilled to provide the #31DaysofARVRinEDU event! Each day in March will include an augmented (AR) or virtual reality (VR) resource to bring into the classroom.

From large corporations to classroom projects, Thyng has delivered the awe of augmented reality using surface tracking and scannable targets. The Thyng team has made an AR creation product that can work on new and old devices, which is a significant benefit for our classrooms. The app allows you to either scan a trigger image or scan your floor and add 3D content, pictures, and videos.

I first ran across Thyng a while back when I was looking for an alternative to Aurasma (later known as HP Reveal). I was amazed when I uploaded my video and walked around it, viewing it from both sides using ARKit technology. While you’ll get a little insight into what you’ll find in the Thyng app today, you can be sure that the coming months will bring amazing new releases that will be a massive resource for your classroom.

#31DaysofARVRinEDU poster image

If your classroom is limited to non-ARKit apps due to device limitations, the option for scannable targets is perfect for students to create AR projects. Using the upload feature on the Thyng website, add the trigger image that you want to scan and an image, object or video to layer on top. I added a video on top of the #31DaysofARVRinEDU image. What do you see when viewing the image above in the Thyng app. Don’t forget to select “Targets” and then the circle in the middle of the screen to watch the photo come to life.

In the current Thyng app, the uploads of images, videos, and 3D content get manually added by the Thyng crew with a day turn around. In the coming months, that’s all going to change in their upcoming studio which will allow students to upload their own content. I know this release will be a game changer since the HP Reveal app seems to be moving more enterprise than education.

Using the extensive collection of 3D objects, classrooms can include items such as food, shapes, letters and numbers, money, sports, plants, vehicles, furniture, characters, animals, dinosaurs and more. In addition to these items, the option to purchase packages are available. Some of the packages include sea creatures, birds, landmarks, space, and anatomy. The opportunity to upload your pictures and videos are also possible. When you’ve created your scene, take a video or snap a photo to share with the class.

To begin, download the iOS or Android Thyng app and set up an account. The sign-up process is an easy requiring only a username, password and email. For future reference, when uploading targets on the website, you’ll need to remember your username. When you’re logged in, select “Surfaces” to use the ARKit features or surface tracking. The second option is to select “Targets” to view the trigger image that you submitted on the website. When you’ve created amazing AR content, share it with Thyng and your class!


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Don’t miss more ARVRinEDU training at ISTE 2019! Preregistration is required for the following sessions below.


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