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Wonderscope - FREE

Normally, I wait to share resource updates for the #31DaysofARVRinEDU event, but this one is too good to wait for March. One of my favorite augmented reality storytelling apps has released an update that will be sure to make you SMILE!

I often share this playful (iOS only) application while training educators about immersive technology. The resource presents an augmented reality story that takes place all around the student. The characters appear on the floor, desk, or on the grass outside and bring the student on an immersive storytelling journey. Each story has a focused topic, such as imagination, solar science, mystery, problem-solving, and confidence, among other concepts.

One distinction from other storytelling apps is the requirement to read the prompts in the narrative as if the student becomes part of the storyline. No longer are we reading a story about someone else, but YOU are now one of the characters. The story will halt until the student reads the text, so it encourages our most reluctant readers to read.

The application has a series of stories to give students the choice based on their interest. The Wonderscope app has always included one free AR experience to explore, while the others have a cost per experience. In the latest release, ALL STORIES ARE FREE to explore. If you don't already have the app, now is the time to download or if you have the app, now is the time to update. I know your students will love this app and don't forget to share the experience on social media using #ARVRinEDU.


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