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#ARVRinEDU Advent Calendar

I will share a new tool each day to inspire innovative ways to use augmented and virtual reality with your students. Watch the list grow daily!

Day 1 - ARPen (iOS)

Print out this pencil to draw in augmented reality.

Day 2 - Google Earth Projects (web)

Design virtual tours using 360 images and 3D maps. A new replacement for Tour Creator! Check out the virtual tour of my favorite edtech locations from 2019.

Day 3 - BEE SAFE (iOS, Android)

The BEE SAFE book by disruptED is marvelous! Inspired to bring confidence and security to our young students in the midst of a pandemic, the information and interactions will delight any young child.

(BONUS: I still have 8 more books to give out from the ARVRinEDU Holiday Giveaway thanks to disruptED, so [ TWEET OUT ] one way you can use this with your students).

Day 4 - (web)

Create an augmented reality Christmas card using Follow these steps to create your own Christmas card experience. The free version of mywebar only allows QR codes, rather than images.

Scan this QR code (or go to and then view the ARVRinEDU Christmas card.

Day 5 - Mozilla Hubs (JOIN OUR SPACE)

Join our Winter Wonderland and try out the challenges I've placed around the space. Easily create your own virtual reality spaces for anyone to join with a computer, tablet, Chromebook, or phone.

Or join in below!

Day 6 - It's Lit! (iOS)

Can't decorate your classroom for the holidays? Let your students design their own Christmas tree using It's Lit AR app. Compete against one another for points and take a snapshot or screen record your creation.

Day 7 - NatGeo (Instagram Effect)

Now you can go on 360 adventures or bring prehistoric animals into the room. Better yet, become the character!

Day 8 - VRTY (web)

Explore Christmas around the world in 360 on a computer, tablet, phone, or Chromebook.

Day 9 - Beatsy (TEST HERE)

Watch the music come to life through ripples in the ground. This app is in the testing phase and you can test it, too.

Day 10 - Snow Globe Maker AR/VR (iOS)

Customize a snow globe with animated characters. When your snow globe is complete, view it in augmented and virtual reality.

Day 11 - Spectacular by QuiverVision (iOS, Android)

Print out these fun face mask sheets, color them, scan them, and then switch the camera to view the colored character on your face! Become Santa, the Gingerbread Man, Frosty, or other fun holiday characters. Print out these sheets and let the students color them.

Day 12 - YouTube 360's (link)

Join this sleigh ride with Santa using a mobile device, Chromebook, or computer. Help Santa save Christmas!

Day 13 - ImagineAR Studio (iOS & Android)

Create AR magic using the new ImagineAR Studio. Layer 3D objects, videos, or pictures on your own trigger image. Showcase student work and see it come to life in augmented reality.

Watch this image come to life in augmented reality using the ImagineAR app.

Day 14 - Timelooper Xplore: Pearl Harbor (iOS & Android)

Explore Pearl Harbor in the past and the present using Augmented Reality. Timelooper delivers information for your students to independently explore in both AR and VR. Find more of the Timelooper apps here.

Day 15 - Assemblr EDU (iOS & Android)

Imagine Google Classroom with immersive technology! The new application includes classes, AR lessons, and collaboration.

Day 16 - Coordinate (iOS & Android)

View your data on a map in 3D using the Coordinate application by Meteor Studio from the Arizona State University. View the sample or upload your CSV file to view it in augmented reality.

Day 17 - Scavengar (iOS)

Explore this Christmas AR scavenger hunt created by Scavengar! Join the hunt and create your own. Play this hunt at

Day 18 - Just A Line (iOS & Android)

Paint in your space using your mobile device. Create and walk around your art using the AR Experiment by Google. If you dare, draw with friends.

Day 19 - Scaniverse (iOS)

Scan the world and create 3D objects and scenes to view in augmented reality. Use the LiDAR technology in the iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone Pro Max, or the latest iPad Pro.

Export the objects or share by messages. View my experience at

Day 20 - Night Sky (iOS)

Get ready to explore the Christmas Star as Jupiter and Saturn align to illuminate a bright light in the sky on December 21. The Night Sky app allows exploration using augmented reality. Bonus, download the connected Apple Watch app! For the updated #ARVRinEDU Advent Calendar of resources, go to

Day 21 - Scriptum (iOS & Android)

Get ready, get set, go help Santa escape this room on time to deliver presents! Using augmented reality, walk into the workshop and find clues to free Santa before time is up.

Day 22 - Engage (iOS & Android)

The trusted virtual reality learning platform is now available on a mobile device! Join the space alone or invite friends to join the collaboration.

Day 23 - Snap Camera by Snapchat (Download)

Create an AR filter in Zoom (or other video chat platforms) using the Snap Camera on your computer. Up your virtual game and create a fun, welcoming learning environment by adding augmented reality filters. NO SNAPCHAT ACCOUNT NEEDED!

Day 24 - Christmas AR (iOS & Android)

Experience the nativity scene come to life in augmented reality. Scan one of the seven images below to experience the nativity in a new way. Share with others in your Christmas cards!

View any of these images using the Christmas AR app.

Thank you for being part of this ARVRinEDU Advent Calendar journey. My family and I wish you a Merry Christmas!

-The Donally's 💗



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