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Teaching in the Age of AI: Infographic

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming education in so many ways, and it has the potential to expand how we create and share educational materials. Recently, I had the honor of sharing a keynote and sessions on AI in education. To support educators, I created this infographic summarizing valuable resources. The infographic highlights specific ways that the technology can support educators that align specifically with my session topics.

My first session, titled "Exploring the Capabilities of AI Image Creators," showed how AI has made it easier and faster to create visually stunning posters, presentations, and infographics that capture students' attention and leave a lasting impression. Another session, "Chatbots and Virtual Assistants in Education," discussed how generative AI technology can enhance classroom learning and engagement using virtual assistants and chatbots. The power of generative AI was also explored in the session titled "Exploring the Power of Generative AI." Using AI-assisted lesson creation, educators can quickly and efficiently generate high-quality lesson plans and materials that cater to students' needs. This technology can be used for customized worksheets and quizzes, visual aids and presentations, and even creating interactive learning experiences.

My keynote, "Teaching in the Age of AI," was an interactive experience that explored the impact of AI on education while the audience engaged in the technology. The ethical implications of AI in education were discussed, including privacy issues and transparency concerns. The keynote also unpacked how AI is being used to personalize learning and provide students with individualized feedback while sparking innovation in the classroom. The infographic created serves as a valuable resource for educators to learn more about the capabilities of AI and how to utilize this technology best. Each resource is linked to explore more, and if you’d like more information, please feel free to reach out.

Download PDF • 12.68MB

An infographic on AI resources for the classroom which shows robots and technology with a blue, purple and pink background
Classroom AI Resources


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