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Day 17 - Virtual Speech + ChatGPT

Virtual Speech is an incredible resource that allows students to practice public speaking in a virtual environment. The VR app allows students to practice public speaking skills in leadership, sales, business, job interviews, media training, training the trainer, and English. Workplace essential training includes sexual harassment and diversity, equity, and inclusion. The VR public speaking practice is powerful, but you won't believe what they've pulled off!

One of the latest feature updates is the integration of the ChatGPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) chatbot. The GPT chatbot is a powerful tool that can generate a reply to a student's response. With this integration, users can now practice their public speaking skills by conversing with the chatbot.

The chatbot includes topics like Customer Service, Job Reviews, and Job Interviews. My favorite option is the free-form chat. I could have a full conversation with the chatbot on AR and VR in the classroom. The chatbot even recognized my book!

The chatbot can be customized to respond to specific prompts or questions related to a particular topic. If a student is practicing a presentation on health and wellness, the chatbot is programmed to answer questions about health and wellness concepts.

This integration of AI is a total game-changer for public speaking practice because students can practice their speaking skills more naturally. I tried to "trick" the chatbot and was pleasantly surprised by the responses. At one point, I threatened to fire the chatbot for inappropriate behavior in the workplace, and I was convinced otherwise based on the responses - WOW!

Steps to get started

  1. Create a Virtual Speech account at

  2. Select "Account" in the menu.

  3. Select "VR Code" to copy the code.

  4. Download the Virtual Speech app in the Quest Experience store (App Lab). (varies in price)

  5. Open the app and paste the VR code.

  6. Enjoy!


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