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STEAMverse Day 22 - Career Exploration

Welcome to the ARVRinEDU Advent Calendar 2022! Our special focus this year is on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math). These mini blogs will spotlight an immersive resource that can be easily implemented into the curriculum.

Career Exploration (TECHNOLOGY, AR)

The Career Explorations experience was created by Current Studio to provide a virtual simulation of a job internship. The innovation studio that developed the Verizon Innovative Learning Lab online created three new AR STEM career exploration challenges for high school students. These challenges focus on topics such as Cybersecurity, Esports, and a multi-disciplinary Design Thinking track. A future workplace simulation is for K-5 students to become paleontologists. Discover the world of STEM by exploring these thrilling virtual simulations!

The Cybersecurity experience joins the team at Legend Games to help protect the network from malicious intruders. The Esports experience provides an inside look into the many career paths in this quickly expanding field. The Design Thinking track will help you explore the fundamentals of design and aid in developing the new Legend Games.

The immersive WebXR experience is best viewed on a mobile device through your browser.

Steps to get started

  1. Begin the experience using your mobile device here (no app to download).

  2. View as a student and select next

  3. No need for the class code - select Skip.

  4. Choose one of the tracks.

  5. Enjoy walking around the AR scene as the company intern.


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