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Day 11 - Jaime the Elf

If you’re worried that I’ve officially “lost it,” you might be right! The new Merge elf Instagram filter is a blast and you’re students will love it.

Not only can you find the holiday Merge filter on Instagram, but you can also get access to many other AR experiences on the Merge Cube. Below are some examples of the AR filters by Merge on Instagram.

The easiest way to use these filters can be found in the directions below.

  1. Select the search button at the bottom of the screen (magnifying glass)

  2. Type in Merge in the search bar at the top of the screen and select the Merge account (purple circle with white angle brackets)

  3. Select the filters (three stars) and the Elf is the first option

  4. Open the Elf and choose to Try It at the bottom

  5. Pick your scenery and either snap a photo by tapping the elf circle or holding down the elf circle to record a video

Don’t forget to share what you’ve created using #ARVRinEDU and tag me @jaimedonally on social media.


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