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Day 11 - Verizon Innovative Learning Lab: Paleontology

Verizon Innovative Learning Lab Online: Paleontology is an exciting augmented reality experience that allows you to uncover rare fossils and learn about the process of paleontology. The paleontology resource is an exciting web-based AR experience, meaning there is no app to download. Just click the link in the directions below to begin.

With the provided tools, students can dig, chisel, brush, and extract fossils from a virtual dig site independently or with other students. Once you've collected all the fossils, you can assemble them to reveal the skeleton of a prehistoric dinosaur.

The Verizon Innovative Learning HQ aims to inspire young minds to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) by providing hands-on learning experiences and exposure to cutting-edge technology. The site is full of immersive apps available on the web, mobile device apps, or VR headsets. The site is completely free!

Steps to get started

  1. Set up a Verizon Innovative Learning account for free.

  2. Open the Paleontology resource and select "Create Class Account Code."

  3. Access this site on a mobile device.

  4. Students will input the class code and place the marker on the ground.

  5. Begin your paleontological adventure!


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