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Day 15 - ARpedia

Special thanks to Mason Nichols for this guest post!

ARpedia utilizes augmented reality to integrate literacy across a variety of topics and subjects. The camera "Spotty" allows students to take a journey through a book with points where students have to read aloud, answer multiple choice questions, and use handheld markers to engage in various tasks. During some lessons, my students illustrate the marker, and Spotty scans the drawing and brings it to life.

With a variety of purchase options and price ranges available on Amazon, once you have the camera, you can also use any ARpedia book with it. I've used a few of these books with my students to combine science and reading lessons, and I loved seeing their faces when they used the augmented reality features.

Steps to Get Started:

  1. Purchase the “Spotty” camera.

  2. Connect the designated cords to your device.

  3. Download the ARpedia app available in the Android or Apple Store.

  4. Select a book and follow the prompts on the screen.


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