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Day 22 - Student Choice: Bug Breeder

Out of the many Merge Cube resources, which would be a student choice? During this holiday season, we’ve had my granddaughter visiting from out of state. As I’ve been preparing the blogs each day, I asked her to search through all the resources and share her favorite. Her pick is the Bug Breeder activity in the Merge Explorer app. She loves bugs and these simulations are perfect to keep her interest.

She especially loved the interactions on the Merge Cube where the random bugs moved around the cube. Begin the first activity by tapping two bugs and their offspring will resemble both of them combined. Observe all the characteristics of the parent bugs and the relationship with the child bug.

“I liked this activity because you can show a bunch of inherited traits.” Sedalia C.

In the second part of the activity, the student will discover how bugs need to adapt to an environment in order to survive. The student will need to become a bug detective and identify a specific bug on the Merge Cube.

“It was challenging to find the bugs because the timer went real quick.” Sedalia C.

The final part of the activity is comparing the bugs that survived over time. Each generation showed a change in quantity and variation in the bugs.

“The bugs that had the best camouflage reproduced and survived the longest.” Sedalia C.

Learn more about bug breeding in the Explorer app and test your skills in the quiz following the activities.


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