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Day 25 - Adapting Futures

Adapting Futures is a VR experience to encourage students to pursue five different energy sectors. Petrochemicals, clean tech, high tech, industrial construction, and renewables are covered in modules throughout the game. The experience delivers important career information and tests your skills learned with mini-games and challenges. I found some of the games to be especially difficult but fun because who doesn't love a good challenge?

Your robot host, Appo, will guide students into all things energy. Each tour helps determine where possible future careers and required skills. Throughout the VR experience, the students will identify their strengths and interests in pursuing the energy industry while explaining the experience level expectations. The final step gives students their career profile to search for opportunities at

Steps to get started

  1. Download Adapting Futures in the App Lab for the Meta Quest.

  2. Follow the virtual guidance of Appo to explore the five energy sectors.

  3. Play the mini-games to test your skills.

  4. Evaluate your career profile.


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