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Day 25: Record3D

The Record3D app is an iPhone application to turn your mobile device into a 3D recorder. Scanned objects are placed in the real world using augmented reality. Using LiDAR technology, I was able to scan my face and record myself in 3D. The app will open your camera to 3D scan video of objects, people, or places. While exporting these files is difficult due to their size, the app allows you to easily add the 3D video to your space.

While few devices include the LiDAR technology, it's important to understand the future of immersive technology. Scanning and viewing 3D objects allows the user to capture and experience augmented and virtual reality. Creating 3D assets is an important part of immersive experiences, and the technology to scan real objects frees the designer from building everything from scratch.

"The name LiDAR stands for light detection and ranging. Essentially, LiDAR sends out a laser to measure precise measurements and details to map out the 3D terrain of a region." page 44 of The Immersive Classroom

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