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Day 28 - Enhance VR

Many years ago, I was in a car accident that totaled my SUV and did a number on my brain. Being hit from the side, I experienced a brain injury that drastically affected my life. Learning how to function in this uncharted territory took time and speech therapy sessions. Until I was diagnosed with a brain injury, I thought I was going crazy. I would forget important things like when to pick up my children or the name of my students in my classroom. Beyond the physical surgeries that I had to endure, I still struggle with memory loss which can feel anywhere from embarrassing to frustrating. I'm thankful that I had a speech therapist that supported me in challenging my brain and learning how to cope.

When exploring VR apps in the App Lab, I was surprised (and a little anxious) to see some of the same types of games that my speech therapist recommended to support my brain was now available in virtual reality. In years past, the games for problem-solving were always fun for me, the memory or focus games were hard and exhausting. When playing these games, I realized I struggle with the same issues, especially since I hadn’t challenged my brain to stretch in those ways for some time. A few new challenges were also listed, such as information processing and spatial orientation.

Not only were the games targeted to the challenges our brain needs, but they were also fun! The game is so good at addressing brain deficits that I felt I was meeting with a professional. After 30 days, the app will compare the performance results and give the students a bigger picture of their strengths and weaknesses. This app is perfect for daily activities.

Steps to get started

  1. Download Enhance VR in the App Lab for the Oculus Quest.

  2. Create an account and verify your email address.

  3. Select a game to begin setting the baseline for your cognitive performance.

  4. Throughout time, watch your performance improve with consistent practice.


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