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Day 8 - Prisms Math

I'm thrilled to share a math application for the Meta Quest called Prisms Math. As a former math teacher, I rarely find great immersive technology resources for the math classroom, and I'm quite impressed with the interactive features in Prisms Math. The VR app brings problem-solving and spatial learning to the math classroom. The subscription-based tool is designed for students ages 13 and older.

Prisms Math offers a virtual reality experience covering various topics for middle school, algebra I, and geometry mathematics. In middle school, students can explore fractions, ratios, rate of change, probability, and surface area. In algebra I, students can learn about linear functions, systems of equations, quadratics, linear regression, and exponential functions. Geometry provides a range of topics for students to explore, such as transformations, distance formulas, trig ratios, circles, and solids of rotation.

I was able to evaluate two of the middle school topics. The app uses creative storytelling to bring students into situations to apply mathematical skills. In Prisms Math, students can gain math skills by experiencing and solving real-world problems. Students connect 3D experiences to abstract representations like graphs, tables, equations, and vocabulary.

Steps to get started

  1. Download the Prisms Math app in the Quest Experience Store. ($23.99 yearly)

  2. Select the math level and then the skill.

  3. Follow the directions of the virtual assistant to solve math problems.


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