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Google Expeditions VR + AR

Google Expeditions AR

As many of you know, I rarely share Google Expeditions because so many educators already share out these resources. Some recent updates have brought back my excitement for the tool, and I'm happy to share this out with the ARVRinEDU community!

CHROMEBOOKS The more I share immersive technology around the country, I find more and more schools are purchasing Chromebooks in their device refresh. The technology department loves the cost and setup with Chromebooks, but I'm sad to share that almost all of the AR and VR apps only work on mobile devices and tablets. On the rare occasion that I find apps that work on Chromebooks, I'm excited to shout it from the rooftops.

Google has announced this summer that Expeditions is available on Chromebooks! I love that the app is now cross-platform, and I look forward to virtual reality reaching more classrooms this upcoming year. Find the Expeditions app HERE.

Google Expeditions Landforms AR

AUGMENTED REALITY Using an ARKit or ARCore compatible device, our students can also experience learning in AR. More and more devices are becoming compatible with these extreme augmented reality apps and are typically iPads in the classroom. Students can walk around these animated 3D objects in the school using the expeditions app.

NO ARKit/ARCore - NO PROBLEM Great news! If your classroom is limited with non-ARKit/ARCore compatible devices, Google has you covered. Download the trigger images to allow students to explore augmented reality in your expeditions lesson on older devices.

Expeditions Virtual Reality Lesson

CONTENT The amount of content available in the app is growing, and I was surprised how quickly Google has filled the classroom library with immersive technology materials. Get access to over 900 VR and 100 AR resources now.

Google Tour Creator Screenshot


The main reason I believe Expeditions is now a valuable classroom tool is the VR creation option for students. As Google Tour Creator continues to improve, it's becoming a beneficial creation tool for the classroom. VR lessons created by others don't limit educators anymore. Create your own with Google Tour Creator and share the tour in Google Expeditions.

DO I NEED TO BUY A KIT? Just say no! Don't buy expensive kits. There are options, and you don't have to buy their recommended kits to use expeditions. The kits are incredibly overpriced, and most classrooms already have the devices to use the expeditions app. If you're making a massive purchase of devices for a single app, you may want to reconsider.

As the new school year draws closer, I hope these new updates will support your use of ARVRinEDU! Don't forget to share your questions or ideas in comments below.


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