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Learning Transported: Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality for All Classrooms

Teachers nationwide are adopting immersive technology – devices and software that provide augmented, virtual and mixed reality experiences – to enable students to go on virtual field trips, manipulate 3D objects and augment the world around them. Immersive technology resources can be far less costly than many believe, but there are issues school districts should resolve before making purchases and implementing this technology.

Learning Transported provides practical insights and classroom examples to help educators plan and establish goals so that their investment in immersive technology benefits the greatest number of students.

Topics covered include:

  • Definitions and examples of augmented, virtual and mixed reality.

  • Comparison of devices and platforms, and tips for selecting the best one.

  • Lesson plans mapped to standards and content areas.

  • Ideas for using immersive technology tools in the classroom.

Immersive technology has great potential to transform learning and create engaging experiences for students. Before bringing it to the classroom, educators must consider the most important factors: that the instruction addresses student outcomes and standards, and that the mechanism for delivering this learning (no matter the device) is safe, affordable and suitable for the situation. Order your copy of Learning Transported now!


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