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Oculus Go & Merge VR Goggles

I've had the opportunity to get the Oculus Go from Best Buy thanks to a recommendation by James McCrary. With the many interactive experiences, it's been a challenge to get my family off the device long enough for me to work (play). One of my favorite features of the Oculus Go is streaming on Facebook Live while using the device.

There are some bugs that I've run into with the Go so far including consistent crashes and the shortened battery life. Considering the device was released a few days ago, it makes sense that we're "beta" testing many of the applications.

I opted to pay a little more for the extra storage, but considering how quickly it fills up, I'm glad I did. The options for purchasing Oculus Go is starting at $199 for 32 GB or $249 for 64 GB.

Let's cut to the chase! Is this for classrooms? I wouldn't recommend it for all classrooms, but there could be some uses for specific lessons and a use for future collaboration. I am a huge advocate for using #ARVRinEDU with the devices we already have, but some of the high-end devices could be beneficial in computer science classrooms where our students are learning to code.


Let's look at another deal. MergeVR is offering an incredible discount on their goggles. Using the code ARVRinEDU at checkout will get you the sweet deal of $16.99! There are many features that I like about the goggles such as:

  • easy to disinfect

  • protects your devices

  • works for students with glasses

  • adjustable straps and lens

  • lightweight

  • fits most mobile phone sizes


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