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Day 13 - Mr. Body

Following the Terraforming Earth activity yesterday, I’m thrilled to share another Merge classic app, Mr. Body. Several years ago, I was exploring anatomy apps using augmented reality, and I ran across an app that has incredible technology. I decided to “show off” the new app to my 6-year old niece (at the time) and handed her the device. Unfortunately, the anatomy app was not age-appropriate for my young niece and she immediately went to the area that she shouldn’t - YIKES! I was later scolded by my sister-in-law, and to this day, I get grief for bringing “inappropriate” content into the home. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Don’t make the same mistake! The Merge Mr. Body activity in the Explorer app is perfect for our younger students who need to make important connections but are not quite ready for ALL the information. Mr. Body was previously its own application but is now included in the Explorer app to simplify the use of immersive technology in our classrooms.

Here are a few essential question examples with Mr. Body.

K-2 What do humans need to survive?

3-5 How is the body a system of interacting subsystems?

6-8 How does food move through an organism to support growth or release energy?

Enjoy this age-appropriate AR experience in the Merge Explorer app!


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