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Eureca - Day 7 #31DaysofARVRinEDU

Eureca app Geography

I’m thrilled to provide the #31DaysofARVRinEDU event! Each day in March will include an augmented (AR) or virtual reality (VR) resource to bring into the classroom.

A while back, I was connecting with Eureca on an augmented reality app that had built in questions to connect students with learning. Today, Eureca has brought in so much more content to drive home learning.

Eureca App

Download the Eureca app now!

When you open the app, you can add up to 4 profiles on a single device to customize the experience based on expertise on the topic. The various profiles establish the difficulty of the AR activities and track student performance. The company has a data privacy policy and is COPPA compliant to provide your students with the protection they require.

Eureca app modules

For a full understanding of the resource, an initial tutorial walks the user through each part of the Eureca app. The settings in the app allow the educator to customize the complexity of the modules, adjust accessibility options, share the app and connect with the company on multiple social media channels. In addition, metrics are available to showcase the performance of the established profiles.

The current modules include geometry 1 and 2, animals, the solar system, fractions, and geography. The modules are clearly labeled with potential age groups ranging from ages 4 to 16. Each module provides interactive, playful learning that requires the students to get up and move around.

As you can see in my experience with the fraction module, I was required to show my knowledge of fractional parts, although the module content got progressively harder as I answered the questions correctly. The challenges in the app are displayed in 3D manipulatives, rather than standard text on the screen which was an interesting and more natural approach to show knowledge.

In the Geometry 1 and 2 modules, the student recognizes 2D to 3D shapes. The more complex parts of the module move from simple to complex shapes such as dodecahedrons. The animal module covers domestic to wild animals that include authentic sounds, both vocally and phonetically.

Eureca app solar system

The solar system module was fun! I was able to walk around the solar system answering questions on the location of planets, average temperatures, axial and orbital tilt in an interactive interface.

The fraction module took time to process as I had to adjust and create fractional parts to demonstrate my knowledge. The fraction challenges include symmetric and asymmetric structures and abstract and real-life objects.

Eureca app geography of Africa

The final module on geography was an exciting adventure through the continents showing latitudes, longitude, landforms, climate zones, oceans, vegetation, and animals.

The Eureca app brings learning to the classroom in a way that's interactive, customized, fun and challenging. The 3D visual support helps the student make a connection to classroom material in a way that supports long-term retention.

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