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Top 50 Must Read K-12 Education IT Blogs

2021 Top Ed-Tech Trends


Following an extremely unusual year, many are looking to 2021 to bring a fresh learning opportunity. Despite the pandemic slowdowns, technology has continued to move forward, and it’s going to be a great year of interactions, access and innovation. 

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Create AR Using These

5 Apps


The creation of augmented reality has evolved over time. Most of the AR experiences in the past 10 years involved using a trigger image to superimpose an object or video on top.

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Effectively Use AR/VR for  Young Learners


When considering immersive technology resources for our early elementary students, I’ve shared some important, practical areas to keep in mind.

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Advocating for Immersive Technologies


Awareness of the capabilities of AR and VR has increased, even since last year's FETC, and Donally is excited about the developments. "Last year, we were still explaining the difference between augmented and virtual reality. But [today] I think people are starting to get more of a grip on what it is and some of the concepts behind it," she adds. Read More

5 Easy, Low Cost AR/VR for your Classroom

eSchool News

By using what we already have, we eliminate the need for massive purchases, additional training, and the rapid transition to outdated devices. 

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