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Wonderscope - FREE

The Wonderscope app is magical and the latest update is WONDERful. Experience the augmented reality story all around you.

AR / VR Collection

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! Enjoy this collection of free AR/VR resources found in the Verizon Innovative Learning Portal.

Day 31: Recap of 31DaysofARVRinEDU

Join me LIVE tonight! I will recap the #ARVRinEDU tools shared during the #31DaysofARVRinEDU event this month on Twitter.

Day 30: AR/VR Courses

Get a sneak peek into the FREE #AR and #VR courses + the FREE aligned micro-credentials.

Day 29: Timepod Adventures

Take a journey to the red planet in the year 2024 to find a habitable environment for humans to survive.

Day 28: Wonderscope Update

Immerse your young learners into interactive storytelling using augmented reality. Be the center of the story!

Day 27: Orboot Globes

Go on an AR adventure with these interactive globes on the topics of Earth, Mars, and Dinosaurs.

Day 26: The Good Life EDU Podcast

Listen to the conversation on the future of #ARVRinEDU, the #metaverse and how to effectively use immersive technology TODAY.

Day 25: Mozilla Hubs Updates

The same great platform has continued to improve the user experience. Connect, create and share in Hubs on most devices.

Day 24: Merge Object Viewer Labels

Add more details to your 3D objects using the new labels feature. Create your own labels using the Merge Dashboard.

Day 23: UV Tech Tub

How do you clean your immersive supplies like viewers, VR headsets, or Merge Cubes? Consider UV to kill germs and bacteria.

Day 22: LightSpace

Move your drawings into the real world using Augmented Reality.

Day 21: Horizon Workrooms

While still in BETA, Horizon Workrooms offer unique #VR capabilities to collaborate for work or school.

Day 20: Quiver Dashboard

Give students unlimited access to all the Quiver AR coloring experiences plus find complete activity plans to support immersive lessons.

Day 19: Beatsy Update

What does music look like? Visualize your world using #AR + #LiDAR technology.

Day 18: CoSpaces Tours

Do you want to beta test the new CoSpaces Tours? Check it out now!

Day 17: Career Day

Be inspired by these virtual mentors who have made great contributions to the world. Choose your own adventure interview experience.

Day 16: Notes on Blindness

What is a world beyond sight? Hear the story by John Hull after becoming totally blind.

Day 15: Aurelia

Are you ready to go deep-sea diving using Augmented Reality? Access FREE lesson plans and instructions!

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