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STEAMverse Day 22 - Career Exploration

Discover the world of STEM by exploring these thrilling virtual simulations! Tracks include Cybersecurity, Esports, and Design Thinking.

STEAMverse Day 20 - McGraw Hill AR

The McGraw Hill's AR app features math simulations. Each exercise includes engaging 3D visuals, interactive play and assessments.

STEAMverse Day 19 - Quiver Masks

Wear AR face filters similar to what you’d use on social media, but using your own designs using the @quivervision app.

STEAMverse Day 17 - MegaMinds

MegaMinds enables teachers to customize their own #3D interactive learning environments.

STEAMverse Day 14 - Figmin XR

Build anything you can imagine using the Figmin XR app. Learn how a classroom used this app to explore art, games, and 3D storytelling.

STEAMverse Day 12 - Metaverse Course

What is the metaverse and how will it impact our learners? What can we know about digital privacy, safety, and well-being? FREE COURSE!

STEAMverse Day 10 - Cubism

Enjoy a VR math puzzle game that supercharges your spatial thinking skills. Construct increasingly complicated shapes using colorful blocks.

STEAMverse Day 9 - JigSpace

Immerse yourself in AR content by exploring the inner workings of microwave ovens, manual car transmissions, & more machines with JigSpace.

STEAMverse Day 8 - BLVRD Features

Experience augmented reality artwork from museums and cultural institutions from around the world using the BLVRD Features app.

STEAMverse Day 7 - Frame

Speak with students worldwide in a VR space using closed captions AND translate the text into any preferred language in real-time!

STEAMverse Day 6 - Hologlobe

The Merge team has done it again! The Hologlobe app has major upgrades, especially navigating the experiences.

STEAMverse Day 5 - Quiver Shapes

Learn about 2D and 3D shapes in augmented reality using the QuiverVision app and the Quiver Shapes color pack.

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