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Day 16: Notes on Blindness

What is a world beyond sight? Hear the story by John Hull after becoming totally blind.

Day 15: Aurelia

Are you ready to go deep-sea diving using Augmented Reality? Access FREE lesson plans and instructions!

Day 14: Mission to Mars AR

Take a journey to the red planet and discover the details of the rovers that traveled millions of miles to Mars.

Day 13: MyWebAR Updates

Updated with a Sketchfab integration, this #AR creation tool makes great experiences to view in your browser.

Day 12: Virtuoso

The #31DaysofARVRinEDU will look a little different this year. SURPRISE! I decided to do daily vlogs to highlight some new and updated...

Day 11: Metascan

Looking to include your own 3D objects in #ARVRinEDU? Use this new app to capture, crop and export out to any immersive experience.

Day 10: Sketchfab

Day 10: Sketchfab @sketchfab View 3D models in AR and VR plus upload/download content.

Day 8: Oculus TV - Surviving 9/11

Hear Genelle's story as the last survivor found at ground zero from 20 years ago. See New York then and now.

Day 7: Ecosphere

Explore the wildest places on earth and view how people are working to protect our wildlife.

Day 6: Halo AR Updates

Create #AR using this simple app. New additional features make it possible to build immersive experiences in minutes.

Day 5: First Woman

Join Callie & RT on their magical journey to the moon. Inspire future explorers in this new graphic novel using the latest #ARVRinEDU tech.

Day 4: Eduverse

Day 4: Eduverse Play, learn, trade, earn and connect in this #metaverse type space specifically designed for education.

Day 3: Sandbox AR

Become an #AR #maker using the #SandboxAR app. Create and share your favorite #augmentedreality scenes as miniatures or life-size.

Day 2: Spatial XR

Get prepared for the #metaverse in this immersive collaboration space. Incredible #AR #VR #LiDAR experiences.

Day 1: The Battle of Gettysburg

Students will love this immersive way to learn history. Not only will they enjoy learning but they will never forget it.

Day 24 - Merge VR

View the most loved #AR experiences in the Merge Cube in VR, too! Put on your headset and enjoy.

Day 23 - Instruments of Light

O star of wonder, star of night, star with royal beauty bright… Learn more about light in this Merge Explorer activity!

Day 21 - AR/VR Micro-credentials

Bring immersive experiences into your classroom through this FREE micro-credential in the Verizon Innovative Learning HQ.

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